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» Microsoft: Edge 87.0.664.41 zum Download freigegeben

Microsoft hat seinen neuesten Browser, mit Chromium Unterbau, in Version 87.0.664.41 zum Download freigegeben. Der Browser steht für die Betriebssysteme Windows 10, 8, 7 und macOS zum Download bereit.

Automatic redirection for incompatible sites from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge. Starting with the Microsoft Edge 87 Stable update, public websites that show an incompatibility message on Internet Explorer will be automatically redirected to Microsoft Edge. To learn more and to configure this experience, see Redirecting incompatible sites.

Kiosk mode privacy features enabled. Starting with Microsoft Edge version 87, kiosk mode features that will help enterprises around the privacy of user data will be enabled. These features will enable experiences such as clear the user data on exit, delete downloaded files and to reset the configured start experience after a specified amount of idle time. Learn more about how to Configure Microsoft Edge kiosk mode

Shopping features enabled by default. Starting with Microsoft Edge version 87 enterprise users can also benefit from shopping in Edge. With Shopping features, Microsoft Edge helps users to find coupons and better prices while shopping online. Coupon experience is available with this update and price comparison will be released in upcoming updates for Microsoft Edge 87. This feature can be configured through EdgeShoppingAssistantEnabled policy. See our Blog and Learn More about Microsoft Shopping.

ClickOnce deployment enabled by default. ClickOnce is enabled by default in Microsoft Edge 87, which reduces the barriers for enterprises to deploy software and better align with Microsoft Edge Legacy browser behavior. Starting in Microsoft Edge 87, the ClickOnceEnabled policy's "Not configured" state will reflect the new default ClickOnce state of Enabled (as compared to the previous default state of Disabled).

The enterprise new tab page (NTP) integrates productivity with customizable, work-relevant feed content. The enterprise NTP blends the Office 365 productivity page we offer to users signed in with their work or school account with personalized, work-relevant company and industry feeds that are organized in a single page. Users will be able to recognize the familiar Office 365 content and Microsoft Search for Business powered by Bing. In addition, they can easily customize "My Feed" by choosing the most relevant content to them from the available content and modules for their organization. IT Administrators can control the News feed settings for their organization, including the selected industry for the Edge new tab page by going to Microsoft 365 admin center. Learn more

Privacy and Security:
Support TLS Token Binding for policy-configured sites. TLS Token binding helps prevent token theft attacks to ensure that cookies can't be reused from a device other than the device upon which they were initially set. The use of TLS token binding requires setting the AllowTokenBindingForUrls policy and requires that he sites listed support this feature.

Keyboard support for highlighter on PDF files. Users can use their keyboard keys to highlight any text on a PDF.

Choose which side to flip on when printing on both sides. Users can choose to flip on the long side or the short side of a sheet when printing on both sides.
Choose print rasterization mode for the enterprise. Control how Microsoft Edge prints to a non-PostScript printer on Windows. Sometimes print jobs on non-PostScript printers need to be rasterized to print correctly. The print options are "Full" and "Fast".
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» Mozilla: Thunderbird 78.5.0 veröffentlicht

Mozilla hat seinen kostenlosen und relativ sicheren E-Mail Client Thunderbird in Version 78.5.0 veröffentlicht. Ein Update auf die neueste Version wird allen Nutzern dringend empfohlen.

OpenPGP: Added option to disable attaching the public key to a signed message
MailExtensions: "compose_attachments" context added to Menus API
MailExtensions: Menus API now available on displayed messages
MailExtensions: browser.tabs.create will now wait for "mail-delayed-startup-finished" event
OpenPGP: Support for inline PGP messages improved
OpenPGP: Message security dialog showed unverified keys as unavailable
Chat: New chat contact menu item did not function
Various theme and usability improvements
Various security fixes
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» AMD: Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.11.2

AMD hat neue Radeon Adrenalin 2020 Edition Treiber in Version 20.11.2 zum Download freigegeben.

Support For
Radeon™ RX 6800 Series
World of Warcraft: Shadowlands
Radeon Boost
New games supported; Fortnite, Warframe, Fallout 76, The Witcher 3, and Sniper Elite 4.

Added Vulkan® Support
This extension provides the ability to change the shading rate per fragment. This extension allows for multiple pixels to be shaded via a single fragment shader invocation as opposed to the normal rate of one invocation per pixel.

Fixed Issues
Enabling Record Desktop and Instant Replay may cause hitching or stutter during fullscreen video playback on some system configurations.
Custom fan settings may not retain after waking from sleep on Radeon RX 500 series graphics products.
Graphical glitching may occur on Radeon RX 500 series graphics products when at idle or at desktop with multiple high refresh rate Radeon FreeSync displays connected.
Disabling performance metrics overlay while in game can sometimes cause frame freeze or stuttering.
Lower than expected performance may be experienced on Radeon RX 5700 series graphics products in Xuan-Yuan Sword VII™.
Mouse corruption may be experienced when changing graphics options to Vulkan® API in Serious Sam 4™.
Corruption may be visible on some surfaces in Far Cry™ Primal on Radeon RX 5000 series graphics products.
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» Opera: Browser in Version 72.0.3815.378 veröffentlicht

Der alternative Browser von Opera mit integriertem Werbeblocker, Energiesparmodus und kostenlosem VPN, ist in Version 72.0.3815.378 erschienen.
Ein Update auf die neueste Version wird empfohlen. Der Browser steht für die Betriebssysteme Windows, Mac OS X und Linux zum Download bereit.
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» Mozilla: Firefox 83.0 erschienen

Firefox, der beliebte Webbrowser von Mozilla, ist in Version 83.0 erschienen. Sie können das Programm entweder komplett herunterladen oder als inkrementelles Update aufspielen. Der Browser steht für die Betriebssysteme Windows, macOS und Linux zum Download bereit.

Firefox keeps getting faster as a result of significant updates to SpiderMonkey, our JavaScript engine, you will now experience improved page load performance by up to 15%, page responsiveness by up to 12%, and reduced memory usage by up to 8%. We have replaced part of the JavaScript engine that helps to compile and display websites for you, improving security and maintainability of the engine at the same time.
Firefox introduces HTTPS-Only Mode. When enabled, this new mode ensures that every connection Firefox makes to the web is secure and alerts you when a secure connection is not available. You can enable it in Firefox Preferences.
Pinch zooming will now be supported for our users with Windows touchscreen devices and touchpads on Mac devices. Firefox users may now use pinch to zoom on touch-capable devices to zoom in and out of webpages.
Picture-in-Picture now supports keyboard shortcuts for fast forwarding and rewinding videos: use the arrow keys to move forward and back 15 seconds, along with volume controls. For a list of supported commands see Support Mozilla
When you are presenting your screen on a video conference in Firefox, you will see our improved user interface that makes it clearer which devices or displays are being shared.
We’ve improved functionality and design for a number of Firefox search features:
Selecting a search engine at the bottom of the search panel now enters search mode for that engine, allowing you to see suggestions (if available) for your search terms. The old behavior (immediately performing a search) is available with a shift-click.
When Firefox autocompletes the URL of one of your search engines, you can now search with that engine directly in the address bar by selecting the shortcut in the address bar results.
We’ve added buttons at the bottom of the search panel to allow you to search your bookmarks, open tabs, and history.
Firefox supports AcroForm, which will allow you to fill in, print, and save supported PDF forms and the PDF viewer also has a new fresh look.
Our users in India on the English build of Firefox will now see Pocket recommendations in their new tab featuring some of the best stories on the web. If you don’t see them, you can turn on Pocket articles in your new tab by following these steps.
For the recently released Apple devices built with Apple Silicon CPUs, you can use Firefox 83 and future releases without any change. This release (83) will support emulation under Apple’s Rosetta 2 that ships with macOS Big Sur. We are working toward Firefox being natively-compiled for these CPUs in a future release.
This is a major release for WebRender as we roll out to more Firefox users on Windows 7 and 8 as well as on macOS 10.12 to 10.15.
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» McAfee: Avert Stinger Version

Der Avert Stinger von McAfee eignet sich ausgezeichnet um auch auf bereits befallenen Systemen zum Einsatz zu kommen. Das Programm kann mittlerweile auf über 7.000 Datensätze zurück greifen, in der die bekanntesten Malware Vertreter, inklusive Varianten, hinterlegt sind.
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» UL: 3DMark v2.15.7088

3DMark enthält alles was Sie brauchen, um Ihren PC und Ihre mobilen Geräte in einer App zu benchmarken. Ob Sie auf einem Smartphone, einem Tablet, einem Notebook oder einem Desktop-Gaming-PC spielen. 3DMark enthält einen Benchmark Parcour, welcher speziell für Ihre Hardware entwickelt wurde.
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» Avira: Free Antivirus 15.0.2011.2022

Mit dem kostenlosen Programm Avira Free AntiVirus erhalten Sie Schutz vor Viren, Dialern, Rootkits, Spyware und Phishing. Das Programm erkennt und entfernt unzählige Virenstämme - u.a. Boot-, Datei-, oder Makroviren, sowie Trojaner, HTML- und Skriptviren. Es arbeitet durchgehend im Hintergrund mit einem ständig aktiven Virenwächter, der beispielsweise vor Viren aus dem Internet schützt. Eine ständige Aktualisierung kann durch den "Update-Wizard" erfolgen.
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» AVG: AntiVirus Free 20.9.5758

Die Freeware-Version von AVG bietet die Basisfunktionen der kostenpflichtigen Vollversion in erster Linie Schutz vor Viren, Trojanern und regelmäßige kostenlose Virendefinitionsupdates. Außerdem verfügt das Programm über eine übersichtliche deutsche Benutzeroberfläche.
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